Studio Tenn's New FRANKENSTEIN Is Mesmerizing and Startling...


"Jared Reinfeldt is ideally cast as the ambitious young Dr. Frankenstein. Self-assured and confident onstage, Reinfeldt plays Victor with a palpable sense of intellectual pursuit even as he questions his own motives in the creation of a new life form. More impressively, Reinfeldt reveals the passions that propel Frankenstein forward in his scientific endeavors, even while exposing his own inquisitive nature in contrast to the emotional heft of the consequences of his work. Dashing, handsome and charming (even if somewhat diffident in his way) in his scenes with Morgan Davis (stunning as his fiancée Elizabeth Lavenza), Reinfeldt is fiery and commanding, while somehow uncertain and imprecise in his manner."

Jeffrey Ellis

Broadway World

"Reinfeldt brings a buoyant energy and an appealingly ingenuous demeanor to Casey...the actor winningly handles the transition to the more worldly Georgia."

Don Aucoin

Boston Globe


"...Reinfeldt has that unlearnable ya-either-got-it-or-ya-ain’t special something that gives his performance a spark (and, in this case, a sparkle) that shines with near-blinding intensity...Reinfeldt’s impossible charm and organic talent that make this Legend of Georgia McBride something worth celebrating."

Christopher Ehlers


"Reinfeldt is endearing in the role and captures the essence of Casey's transformation. He is believable in the early scenes when he is the screw-up, trying to convince his wife that everything will be okay, and his sweetness almost sells it...Georgia becomes a fully-realized character who has a lot to teach her alter ego."

Nancy Grossman

Broadway World

"As Casey, Jared Reinfeldt is convincingly boyish and then girlish and, facing his drag baptism by fire, both sympathetic and hilarious."

Carolyn Clay


"Reinfeldt makes a totally persuasive transition from naïve apprentice to sure-footed legend. He also brings fine tenderness to Casey's serenading of Jo with a personal song."

Jules Becker

Bay Windows

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